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Adolf Brown, D.C.
My original interest in the healing arts began with my fascination with the human energy field. In college, I studied many forms of healing, including body energy therapies, herbology, acupuncture and massage. I became a licensed massage therapist in 1983 and practiced deep tissue massage therapy and energy healing for six years, at which point my desire to affect the body on a deeper level led me to Chiropractic. I graduated from Northwestern College of Chiropractic in 1992, where I also became certified in Acupuncture. Towards the end of my Chiropractic education, I had the great fortune of studying an advanced form of Applied Kinesiology (Holographic Kinesiology) in an apprenticeship format. Applied Kinesiology opened many doors for me into understanding the complex interrelatedness of the body’s energy systems and the importance of Nutrition in healing. In 1994, I was given the exciting opportunity to practice with Dr. Sheldon Deal, N.D.,D.C., founder of the Swan Clinic of Natural Healing in Tucson, Arizona. Dr. Deal is a great pioneer in the Natural healing arts, and one of the original students of Dr. George Goodhart, founder of Applied Kinesiology. Dr. Deal also introduced me to Jeff Bland, Phd, founder of the Institute of Functional Medicine. In this rich intellectual healing environment, my clinical skills blossomed and I formed the conceptual framework of my healing system.

In 1998, I founded Gaia Clinic as a vehicle for the next phase of my spiritual mission, which is to help foster the emergence and re-awakening of spirituality in healing in an integrative health care environment.

What distinguishes my work is my integration of spinal manipulation, cranial/sacral therapy, myofascial release work, intuitive energy healing, Applied Kinesiology, and Nutritional evaluation into every session. This unique combination of healing disciplines, in combination with a personal, humanistic approach is what makes my healing work truly holistic.

I have a great interest in cross-cultural spirituality and healing, and am currently preparing to study indigenous healing practices of Brazil and Bali (see Spiritual Adventure Travel Log).

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