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I often say to my patiets, "If God said to me, you can only recommend three nutrients, I would recommend..."

1) Essential Fatty Acids, EPA/DHA from fish oil.
2) B12 with Folic acid sublingual.
3) Acidophilus/Bifidus probiotics.

1) Fatty acids are the building blocks of fats. There are certain fatty acids the body cannot produce and so must be supplied through the diet. The modern western diet is full of "bad" fats; saturated fats and trans fats, and while awareness is growing on avoiding bad fats, it's also important to consume the healthy fats. EPA/DHA from fish oil is essential for healthy cardiac function, brain function, hormone balance, immune funciton, proper cellular communication and lowers inflamation and pain.

2) B12 and Folic acid are B vitamins that should always be taken together, as a deficiency in one can mask a deficiency in the other. B12 is best taken sublingually (dissolved in the mouth rather than swallowed) for absorbtion purposes. It is the hardest nutrient to get on a vegetarian diet. B12 and Folic acid are essential for proper nerve and brain function, help the body deal with stress, and are necessary in the homocystine cycle. Deficieny of either can lead to a buildup of homocystine which raises the inflamatory levels in the body, potentially leading to cardiovascular problems. Many clinicians feel that homocystine is much more predictive of cardiovascular problems than cholesterol, yet it is not yet routinely screened in blood analysis. Research has shown B12 deficiency in elderly people can be misdiagnosed as senile dementia or alzheimers disease.

3) In Functional Medicine theory, the gut is the center of the immune system. Dysbiosis, or harmful microorganisms in the gut can contribute to a wide range of health problems, from arthritis to depression, by causing an inflamatory immune reaction in the gut, which can affect any other system in the body; brain, joints, muscles, endocrine and more. Highly refined diets lack healthy bacteria that are necessary to keep the bad microorganisms at bay. Antibiotics destroy the healthy gut microorganisms and are widely overused in western culture. Acidophilus/Bifidus are two of the most important healthy gut bacteria (probiotics). Regularly fortifying the healthy bacteria in the gut is an essential key to health.
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