Spiritual Healing, Channeling and Energy Work

All of the indigenous cultures that I have studied recognize that healing begins with spirit. If our spiritual aspect is out of balance, it will manifest as illness or dysfunction in our lives. Healing our bodies alone will not solve the problem, it ultimately must be corrected on a spiritual level.. This is why indigenous healers and shamans will often address their patients condition on a spiritual level first, before attempting to correct the physical complaint. Spiritual Healing can take many forms, but the common theme is understanding the energy body. The physical form is enlivened by a field of energy. The human energy field can be felt and/or seen by spiritual healers. Illness is often felt or seen as dark, dense, sluggish areas or holes in the normally shiny and dynamic energy field. A common healing methodology is to remove the pathological energy and replace it with new, shiny, healing energy. 

Channeling is a form of spiritual healing where the healer becomes a conduit for healing energy, higher consciousness, spiritual entities or anamistic forces. Channeling is an important aspect of healing and spirituality in all indigenous and shamanic cultures, as well as Buddhism, Hinduism, Charismatic Christianity, pre-communist Traditional Chinese and Korean Medicine, Brazilian spiritism, and others. Channeling was suppressed in Western cultures during the Inquisition, but is regaining recognition through the work of people like the amazing Brazilian channel, Joao de Deus (John of God), who has brought healing to tens of thousands of people around the world. 

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