Gaia Clinic is a multidisciplinary, holistic healing center based in Tucson, Arizona, USA. Founded by Dr. Adolf Brown, D.C. in 1998, we offer: Web-based Nutritional Consulting, Chiropractic manipulation, Applied Kinesiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Intuitive Energy Therapies, Cranial/sacral therapy, and Myofascial release work.

Dr. Brown is offering an Internet Nutritional Consulting service for people who wish to improve their health through diet and nutrition, and all of his recommended supplements are available through his online store. Dr. Brown and Tami Johnson-Brown are preparing to research indigenous spirituality and healing practices in Brazil and Bali. See our Spiritual Adventure Travel Log for updates.

Gaia Clinic Mission Statement

It is our mission to consistently provide the highest quality holistic and integrative health care attainable, for every patient on every visit. To achieve this, we provide quality, focused time with every patient. Our fees for services and nutritional products are reasonable. We continually educate ourselves within our disciplines through professional seminars and reading. We strive constantly for personal and professional integrity, and pursue our self-healing, spiritual growth and personal development through seminars, workshops, reading and spiritual disciplines.

Our Worldwide Mission is to foster the development of Holistic and Integrative health care through international seminars, and to aid in the development and preservation of indigenous cultures, healing practices and wisdom through exploration, experiencial training and documentation.

About Our Symbol

Gaia is the Earth-Mother Goddess of Greek mythology, and the Turtle is a stylized representation of the American Indian symbol for Mother Earth. read more...
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