In my structural bodywork practice over the past 12 years, I have found a significant connection between many musculoskeletal complaints and the body's nutritional status. Some musculoskeletal problems are a direct result of micro or macro nutrient deficiencies or excesses. I have helped many patients correct nutritional imbalances that, combined with structural bodywork and spinal manipulation, greatly relieved their musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction patterns, as well as a wide variety of other health concerns.

An Interesting Case History:
A woman was referred to me by a massage therapist colleague who was unable to help her with her chronic, severe lower back pain. In the detailed history, I discovered that she also had digestive problems and pain in her abdomen. Medical tests had been inconclusive. Through a careful and detailed history, and Applied Kinesiology testing, I determined that she had a wheat gluten intolerance. I recommended she eliminate gluten from her diet and take essential fatty acids (EPA/DHA). After changing her diet in conjunction with spinal manipulation, her back pain and digestive problems improved.

When you sign up for Dr. Brown’s nutritional consulting service, you will receive via e-mail a detailed case history form which you will fill out and return with any medical records that you wish reviewed. After carefully evaluating your history, health goals and medical records, Dr. Brown will e-mail you with questions. When he feels that he has a thorough understanding of your specific condition, he will combine nutritional science and intuitive evaluation to design a complete dietary and nutritional supplement protocol. Dr. Brown will also e-mail a copy of this information to your primary health care provider, to ensure that it is compatible with your current treatment plan.

The initial consult fee includes four followup e-mail consults (1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months) for Dr. Brown to evaluate your success over time.
Cost: New Patient $115. Established Patient $55.

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